1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Designer Edition by

2,100 Original Miles

Light Champagne (paint code 52) with Light Champagne Landau vinyl roof (code YU)

and Dark Red Landau roof molding with integral coach light

and matching Dark Red body pin striping



The Cartier monogram on the rear deck lid













An Electric Powered Moonroof was optional on all Mark V's

including the Designer Series. It was a very expensive option in

the late 70’s, but very few Cartiers were ordered without it.




Cartier monogrammed Signature Opera Windows












A built-in CB and 8-Track stereo tape player

were popular options in the Mark V's




The Designer Edition Cartier included the choice of either the Champagne Leather interior (trim code EU)

or the Champagne Media Velour Cloth interior (trim code FU). The FU interior option was ordered

on about 30% of the Designer Edition Cartiers







Seat Belts still with the factory protective plastic






The 400 Cubic Inch Cleveland 2V V8 was the only engine offered in the 1979 Mark V










Original Window Sticker

(with words added on missing corner of page 2)











Above is the factory "build sheet", presumably inserted here (between the metal clip that holds the hood insulation

to the hood) by factory workers on or about January 26th, 1979 on the day this Cartier was built. I carefully removed

it in April, 2012 in order to further preserve its amazing survival for the past 33 years. As can be seen below, it's

still at least 90% readable and all of the verifiable numbers completely match the numbers on the car .








Turbine-Style color-keyed Cast Aluminum Wheels

Original Factory Michelin tires including unused matching spare




These Michelin Tires were manufactured in the 3rd week of 1979. It's interesting to note the build sheet's

assembly line "Rotations Number" is 607, the same number hand written on the A/C compressor and the

5th Michelin tire in the trunk photo below. The spare also has the "UA" wheel and Michelin tire markings,

which along with the date code on the tire itself, is further idenified by the build sheet tire code.











The Cartier Myth

All 1979 Mark V's included the Cartier clock which led many to believe it was a Cartier Designer Edition


"Your assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to go forth and inform the

world that there's more to a Cartier Edition than a clock in the dash..."

(from automotivemileposts - The Cartier Myth)